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Welcome to UniqueTek!

UniqueTek was started out of frustration over trying to find specialty products for reloading and other aspects of shooting sports. Some of our products are custom designed by us to fit needs that haven't been met elsewhere. Others are commercially available but difficult to find. UniqueTek brings these hard to find items together in one convenient web site.

Changes to "Cowboy Action Products" Menu
I just changed the way Bang and Clang Bullets appear when you select to view the main "Cowboy Action Products" category. Instead of every individual bullet showing (All 121 of them!), only a single item now appears. The result is that you can now see all of the Cowboy Action Products on a single page. And if you click on Bang and Clang Bullets, you will be taken to the Bang and Clang Bullets "Landing Page", where you can see all of the bullets at a glance and order multiple bullet calibers, profiles and quantities without leaving the page.
While I was at it, I did the same thing for the "Reloading Components" product category.

It's not just unique, it's UniqueTek!

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