AR-15 Accessories
AR-15 Accessories
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ADIGS Gas Key Retrofit Kit (SKU: T1600)ADIGS Gas Key Retrofit Kit (SKU: T1600)The ADIGS™ (Adjustable Drop In Gas System) is Designed for AR10 / AR15 Direct Impingement Gas Systems. It simply replaces any standard gas key and allows you to easily and precisely adjust gas pressure.
Adjustable Tactical Grip (SKU: T1530)Adjustable Tactical Grip (SKU: T1530)The Adjustable Tactical Grip can be adjusted to 17°, 25° or 33°. Changing the grip angle can relieve stress on the shooter's wrist. This also allows the grip to accommodate a wide range of both shooting styles and shooter sizes. Fits all AR-15 Rifles. Colors: Black or Flat Dark Earth
AR Bolt Catch Pin Punch (SKU: T1368)AR Bolt Catch Pin Punch (SKU: T1368)This AR Bolt Catch Pin Punch is specially designed for removing the AR-15 bolt catch pin.
AR Emergency Repair Kit (SKU: T1423)AR Emergency Repair Kit (SKU: T1423)This AR Emergency Repair Kit contains the parts that are most frequently lost or broken on AR-15 Rifles. Includes: Enhanced Extractor Spring, Take Down Detent and Spring, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Buffer Retaining Pin and Spring, Hammer/Trigger Pin Set of 3 Gas Rings for Gas Impingement Rifles
AR-15 Bolt Release Lever (SKU: T1355)AR-15 Bolt Release Lever (SKU: T1355)This AR-15 Extended Bolt Release Lever allows right-handed shooters to release the bolt catch without having to reach over the top of the AR-15 to close the action. Designed by Bob Hahin; designer of the Original Bob Sled!
AR-15/M-16 Armorer's Wrench (SKU: T1394)AR-15/M-16 Armorer's Wrench (SKU: T1394)AR-15/M-16 Armorer's Wrench. "The Preferred Armorer's Wrench of US Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies!
AR15 Scraper (SKU: T1502)AR15 Scraper (SKU: T1502)The AR15 Scraper is specially designed to clean the entire bolt carrier group. The precise-sized grooves and cleaning edges perfectly fit 12 critical bolt carrier group surfaces for faster, easier cleaning. Compact, light weight and easy to carry.
GBA Gas Block Aligner (SKU: T1511)GBA Gas Block Aligner (SKU: T1511)The Gas Block Aligner ensures perfect alignment between the gas port hole in your AR15 barrel and gas block. Works with any standard 3/4″ inner diameter gas block and barrel combination, regardless of manufacturer. The Gas Block Aligner is available in both .22 caliber and .30 caliber.
KynSHOT (SKU: T1504)KynSHOT (SKU: T1504)KynSHOT™ hydraulic recoil dampers for .308 caliber AR rifles. See product page for complete specifications and to order the correct model for your AR rifle.
LimbSaver Pro Handgun Grip System: Small Full (SKU: T1314-14)LimbSaver Pro Handgun Grip System: Small Full (SKU: T1314-14)A recoil absorbing cushioned grip that enhances grip on the handgun, while also reducing hand shock and recoil. (See main product page for a list of all Limbsaver® Grip sizes and firearms that each size fits.)
MAGCATCH TOOL for AR-15 (SKU: T1290)MAGCATCH TOOL for AR-15 (SKU: T1290)The MAGCATCH Tool™ is designed for removing or installing an AR-15 magazine catch.
OPFOR Magazine Carrier (SKU: T1540)OPFOR Magazine Carrier (SKU: T1540)The OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier features a lidless Positive Magazine Retention (PMR) system. Magazines are automatically locked in place, just like in your weapon's magazine well, and can be quickly and easily withdrawn from the OPFOR™ by applying a simple twist and pull.
Original Bob Sled (SKU: T1354)Original Bob Sled (SKU: T1354)The Original Bob Sled Single Round Loading Device For Slow-Fire Competition, Benchrest and Varminting.
PUSHTOOL for AR-15 (SKU: T1289)PUSHTOOL for AR-15 (SKU: T1289)The PUSHTOOL™ is the most practical tool on the market today for removing AR rifle push pins.
RANGE MAG-LOK KIT (SKU: T1291)RANGE MAG-LOK KIT (SKU: T1291)The RANGE MAG-LOK™; AR-15 kit removes the "detachable magazine" feature of an AR style firearm and replaces it with a "removable magazine" feature.
StripLULA for AR-15/M-16 (SKU: T1293)StripLULA for AR-15/M-16 (SKU: T1293)StripLULA™ allows you to load .223 caliber (5.56mm) ammo on stripper clips into AR-15/M-16 magazines with unmatched speed. It also allows loading of loose rounds with equal ease.
THERMOLD .223 Stripper Clips (SKU: T1313)THERMOLD .223 Stripper Clips (SKU: T1313)THERMOLD™ Stripper Clips for .223/5.56mm NATO rifle cartridges are made from Zytel® nylon and work with GI stripper clip guides and with StripLULA stripper clip loader. Available in 10 count, 100 count and 1000 count packages. (See web page to select package size.)
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