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Shotgun Accessories
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FINI Universal Choke Tube Wrench (SKU: T1501)FINI Universal Choke Tube Wrench (SKU: T1501)The pocket size FINI™ makes it a snap to quickly and easily change a choke tube in the field or on the bench. 6-in-one FINI™ fits all choke tube gauges.
Ready Aim Rifle Carrier (SKU: T1506)Ready Aim Rifle Carrier (SKU: T1506)The Ready Aim Rifle Carrier™ is a must for hunting enthusiasts who want to reduce body fatigue caused by the strain of carrying a rifle or shotgun. This innovative rifle carrier provides relief both while walking and waiting. Also great for bow hunters!
Shotshell Gauges (SKU: T1431)Shotshell Gauges (SKU: T1431)This Shotshell Gauge checks the entire shot shell ... not just the diameter of the head. Gauges both 2-3/4" and 3" shotshells. Available for 12 GA and 20 GA. (See web page for more details and to select the GA shotshell gauge you need.)