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Light-Load Shellplate Illuminator (SKU: T1429)Light-Load Shellplate Illuminator (SKU: T1429)Battery-powered LED light illuminates your Dillon RL 550B or XL 650 shellplate. Also fits Hornady Lock-N-Load AP™ press. Can also be used on any progressive press with a vacant die mounting hole.
Shellplate Bearing Kit (SKU: T1601)Shellplate Bearing Kit (SKU: T1601)The 550/650/900 Shellplate Bearing Kit smooths indexing and reduces play and wobble in the shell plate. It also reduces the "snap" when the index ball engages the shellplate … greatly reducing powder loss from cases on the shellplate.
TURBO-BEARING (SKU: T1281)TURBO-BEARING (SKU: T1281)TURBO-BEARING® for Dillon RL 550b will smooth the indexing and reduce the play and wobble in the shell plate.
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