GLOCK Accessoires
GLOCK Accessoires
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Glock Extended Take Down (SKU: T1400)Glock Extended Take Down (SKU: T1400)Extended Slide Lock makes disassembly of Glock firearms easier. It is just 0.040" (1mm) wider on each side than the original Glock part. Available in black steel or nickel plated steel finish.
Optic Mount for Glock Pistols (SKU: T1597)Optic Mount for Glock Pistols (SKU: T1597)
Rigid Recoil Rod for GLOCK (SKU: T1315)Rigid Recoil Rod for GLOCK (SKU: T1315)The Rigid Recoil Rod for GLOCK® eliminates recoil tube flex and straightens bowed recoil tubes. Not for Gen 4 Glocks.
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