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UniqueTek, has lots of unique products for hunting. We created this page as a convenient place to show off all the products we recommend for hunters ... in a single view.

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Holsters, Gun Rests & Protection from the Elements
Ready Aim Rifle Carrier™
Ready Aim Rifle Carrier
— For All Long Guns
— Ambidextrous
— Hands Free Support

Item #: T1506
 More Info
Quick-Shot™ Shotgun/Rifle Holster Quick-Shot

— For All Long Guns
— Ambidextrous
— Just One Hand Needed

Item #: T1466
 More Info
GUNslickerGun Slicker

— Protects from Rain, Snow,
    Dust & Brush Scratches!
— Quiet Stealth-X Fabric
— Quick On / Quick Off

Item #: T1390  More Info
MAGnet Gun Caddy™ MAGnet Gun Caddy

— Securely Rest Your Gun!
— Attach to Car Fender
— Holds Rifles & Shotguns
— Holds Fishing Poles Too!

Item #: T1467  More Info
Wipe-Down Cloths & Desiccant
Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloth
Microfiber Gun Cloth
— Clean & Dry Your Guns
— More Absorbent than
    Cotton, yet Dries Faster
— Lint Free

Item #: T1377  More Info
Gun Storage Desiccant Gun Storage Desiccant

— Great for Gun Cases
— Can be Regenerated
— Inexpensive Enough
    to be Disposable

Item #: T1529  More Info
Cun Cleaning & Lubrication
Premium Firearms Cleaner™ Firearms Cleaner

— The Perfect General Cleaner
— Won't Swell Rubber or Plastics
— Won't damage or stink up
    your gear if spilled.

Item #: T1254  More Info
FrogLube™ Frog Lube

— Bio-Based CLP
— Repels Water!
— Dissolves Carbon & Grease
— Non-Toxic

Item #: T1421  More Info
Gun Cleaning Pads Gun Cleaning Pad
By Drymate®

— Waterproof/Soak-through Proof
— Soft Non-Scratch Surface
— Also Use as Seat Protector
    when Camping!

Item #: T1394-pistol (Pistol size – 16″ x 20″)
Item #: T1394-rife (Rifle size – 16″ x 54″)                               More Info
Optics Cleaning & Anti-Fog
Clarity® CLEAN It™ – Wipes
Clean It Wipes
— Individual Foil Sealed Wipes
— Disposable
— Compact & Easy To Carry
— 51 Count Box

Item #: T1268  More Info
Clarity® DEFOG It™ — Liquid
DEFOG It Liquid.gif
— Highly Effective
— Long Lasting
— Concentrated (5ml btl)
— Lens Cloth Included

Item #: T1252  More Info
Clarity® DEFOG It™ – Dry Film
DEFOG it Wipes
— DRY FILM Anti-Fog Cloths
— Individual Sealed Wipes
— Reusable 8-10 Times
— 3 Count Box

Item #: T1246  More Info
Miscellaneous Accessories
EyeShield™ Eye Shield

— Enhances Contrast by
    Blocking Ambient Light
    from Entering Eyepiece.
— Fits most Binoculars & Spotting Scopes

Item#: T1430 (5-piece Set)  More Info
Ultra-Hanger™ Ultra-Hanger

— Supports up to 112 lb
— Extra Wide – 18-1/2″
— Rust Proof Polypropylene
— Great for all your Hunting Clothes!

Item #: T1433  More Info
FireRod™ Eye Shield

— Large 5/16″ Dia. x 1-1/8″
    Ferrocerium Rod
— Ceramic Striker Blade
— Striker Blade Doubles as
    a Micro Knife
— 16" Type I Paracord Lanyard in Blaze Orange

Camp Cooking
PigTail® Food Flipper PigTail.jpg

— Flips, Turns & Moves Food Fast
— Does Not "Bleed" or Mark Meats
— Replaces Tongs, Forks, Spatulas
— Does not Scrape up Grease

Item#: T1457-1 (12″)
Item#: T1457-2 (19″)
Item#: T1457-3 (12″+19″)  More Info
Arizona Gunslinger® Pepper Sauce Ultra-Hanger

— Red Jalapeño (T1453-1)
— Green Jalapeño (T1453-2)
— Chipotle Habanero (T1453-3)
— Habanero Pepper (T1453-4)
— Habanero & Mango (T1453-5)
— Sampler (¾oz each) (T1453-6)

Item #: T1453  More Info

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