LimbSaver Pro Handgun Grip System
LimbSaver® Pro Handgun Grip System
LimbSaver Grip Recoil Absorbing Cushioned Grip

The LimbSaver® Pro Handgun System recoil absorbing cushioned grip allows the shooter to retain a solid grip on the handgun, while also helping reduce hand shock and recoil. The result is a comfortable, secure grip on the firearm with maximum reduction of recoil, allowing for faster re-acquisition of the target.

For the professional handgun competitor and law enforcement/military officer, few things are as important than controlled accuracy. For pro competitors, it can raise scores. For the law enforcement/military professional, it can be life-saving. For the rest of us, it can simply make shooting more comfortable, fun and more rewarding ... and make us better shots.

IDPA legal for Stock Service Pistol (SSP) Division!

Improves grip even when hands are sweaty
Enhances retention
Reduces hand shock by absorbing recoil energy
Slips over grip without gunsmithing or altering the original grip.
Only 0.059" thick (on sides) so doesn't add significantly to size of grip.
Molds to the shape of the original grip ... including finger grooves!

The LimbSaver® Pro Handgun Grip System recoil absorbing cushioned grip is made from NAVCOM™ (Noise And Vibration Control Material), an elastic, amorphous, rubber-like substance. NAVCOM™ is the most effective vibration dampening material on the market today.

LimbSaver Grip Breakaway Technology

In addition to the proprietary NAVCOM™ material, the Pro Handgun Grip System features an incredible shock/vibration-reducing element, referred to as "Break-Away" Technology. This patented technology incorporates multiple impact nodes, strategically positioned and designed to collapse under pressure, reducing the recoil shock wave, then dispersing the felt recoil over a wider area, reducing the impact of felt recoil by up to 50%. The "Break-Away" nodes are molded directly into the grip, and are located on the inside of the Pro Handgun Grip System grip between the shooter's hand and the backstrap of the firearm's grip.

Note: The grip in photo at left is turned inside out to show the "Break-Away" nodes. To view a larger size photo, right-click on the photo and select "Open Image in New Window".

Also Fits Some Semi-Auto Rifle Grips Including:
Note: The SIG556 has a larger than typical grip. For most AR-15/M-16 clones, the Small Full size is recommended as it gives a tighter fit.
Size Fits These Firearms*
* This grip will also fit many other handguns, but has only been test fit on those firearms listed above. You can estimate the proper grip size for your particular pistol from the vertical grip dimensions listed next to each grip photo. The vertical dimension (from beneath the trigger guard to the bottom of the grip) is the most critical for determining grip size.

NOTE: Not for use with semi-automatic pistols that feature a grip safety device of any kind.
Limbsaver Grip - Large Full
Large Full
Fits Most Full-Frame Semi-Auto Pistols Including:
Beretta: 92FS (all 92 series), 96 Series
FN Herstal: P45 & 5.7
GLOCK: 17, 21, 21SF, 22, 31, 34, 35, 37.
H&K: USP 45 Full, USP 40 V1
Magnum Research: Desert Eagle, Baby Eagle .45
Ruger: SR9, P512, P85, P89, P97DC & 22/45
Sig: P239, P250
S&W: M&P .45
Limbsaver Grip - Large Compact
Fits Most Compact Semi-Auto Pistols Including:
GLOCK: 19, 23, 25, 32, 38.
H&K: USP 45 CT
Magnum Research: Baby Eagle
Sig: P239, P250
S&W: M&P .45, Sigma 9mm
Walther: PPK, .32ACP, P99 9mm
Limbsaver Grip - Large Sub-Compact
Fits Most Sub-Compact Semi-Auto Pistols Including:
AMT: Backup (45c)
CZ: 2075 Rami-P
GLOCK: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 33, 39.
H&K: P-20005K
Kel Tec: P-11
S&W: M-P Compact, 990L
Taurus: Millenium
Walther: PPS
LimbSaver Grip - Small Full
Small Full
T1314-14 Black
More Info
Fits Ultra-Compact Semi-Auto Pistols Including:
Kahr: P45
Ruger: Mark I/II/III/IV

Also Fits Many Semi-Auto Rifle Grips Including:
AR-15*, M-16, M-4: (* Most AR models except SIG556)
Note: The Large Full size is recommended for SIG556.

Grips with Finger Grooves:
The LimbSaver® Pro Handgun Grip System is designed to be stretched during installation resulting in a tight fit over the grip and preventing creep. Installation over grips with finger grooves is not a problem as the tightly stretched material will conform to the exact contour of the grip. The NAVCOM&trade material can be stretched up to 300%!

Installation Instructions:
1) Fold the top of the Pro Handgun Grip System grip half way down as if you were trying to turn it inside-out. The top is the end with the extended tab.
2) Position the grip at the butt of the gun, making sure the tab is positioned at the backstrap of the pistol's grip.
3) Pull the grip up until the bottom is level with the butt of the gun. This may take some effort as the grip must fit tight, but it can be stretched up to 300%.
4) Unfold the top half of the grip and pull it up and into position. Make sure the tab is positioned at the back were a typical rear grip safety would be (at the web between the index finger and the thumb), so that it will protect the web of the hand.
Customer Feedback
"A bit of feedback on the LimbSaver grip covers; My gunsmith test fired my Ruger Mk II which I had a LimbSaver fitted to it recently. He had never seen these before and was VERY pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was to hold and fire. BTW, I have to completely agree with him on this as well (they don't have the best grips in the world!) - huge improvement. Just ordered 2 more, one for a Glock 17A (surprise!) plus another that I am going to try on an AMT Automag II (22 WMR). If it's a good fit on the AMT, I will let you know."
— Graham P. - Dundas, NSW, Australia

"The LimbSaver grip has been GREAT. I have shot 650 rounds through my Walther PPS 40cal. I can assure you that I would not shot half that number had it not been for the LimbSaver. The grip comforts my hand and makes for a nice positive grip on the weapon. What makes an add-on accessorie GREAT is when you put it on and you forgot its there. The LimbSaver becomes a natural part of the gun."
Thank you,"
— SPC Ozzy M. – 345th Tactical Psychological Operations Co. (Airborne)

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