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Miscellaneous Unique Products
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Haboob Dust (SKU: T1654)Haboob Dust (SKU: T1654)Haboob Dust Creative Seasonings. Dry Rub spice blends that add unique flavors to foods.
NEBO SLIM Pocket LED Light (SKU: T1696)NEBO SLIM Pocket LED Light (SKU: T1696)The NEBO® SLIM is a thin, ergonomic rechargeable pocket light that outputs 500 lumens of intense bright light. Equipped with full dimming and Power Memory Recall, the SLIM also features a pocket clip, collapsible hanging hook and powerful magnetic base for convenient hands-free lighting.
PigTail Food Flipper - "Baby" (SKU: T1457-1)PigTail Food Flipper - "Baby" (SKU: T1457-1)The "Baby" PigTail's 12″ tapered, stainless steel shaft is cleverly designed to lightly pierce the edge of virtually any solid food. A quick flip of the wrist and the food is turned over. The "Baby" PigTail's 12″ length makes it a wizard at stovetop sauteing, griddle work, even in a wok!. It is also handy for smaller sized outdoor grills and Hibachis.
Ultra-Hanger (SKU: T1433-3)Ultra-Hanger (SKU: T1433-3)The Ultra-Hanger™ is perfect for hanging all of your heavy tactical, hunting or camping gear. Rated for over 100lb, so it won't break, dumping all your valuable gear on the floor! (See product page for ordering details.)
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