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Clarity DEFOG it (SKU: T1252)Clarity DEFOG it (SKU: T1252)Clarity® DEFOG it™ provides long-lasting anti-fog protection on the high-technology lenses and coatings used on today's eyeglasses and sunglasses; sports optics like goggles and faceshields; and and precision optics like binoculars and rifle scopes. It imparts superior anti-fog properties, especially on lenses with the latest organic A/R (Anti-Reflictive) coatings.
— Contains: 5ml (0.17oz) bottle of DEFOG it™ liquid concentrate with a 6″ x 6.75″ microfiber applicat
Clarity DEFOG it DRY Anti-Fog Cloths (SKU: T1246)Clarity DEFOG it DRY Anti-Fog Cloths (SKU: T1246)Clarity® DEFOG it™. A convenient, effective way to eliminate lens fogging. Streak-free, film-free, longer-lasting fog prevention on Shooting glasses and Scopes … as well as other precision optics!
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