Powder Handling
Powder Handling
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0.05-Grain Enhanced Electronic Powder Scale with Powder Pan (SKU: T1391)0.05-Grain Enhanced Electronic Powder Scale with Powder Pan (SKU: T1391)The 0.05-Grain Powder Scale fills the gap between standard 0.1 grain accuracy scales, and high-precision 0.02 grain accuracy scales ... both in performance and price. It has 308 grain capacity with 0.05 grain accuracy
Bulk Powder Feed Kit (SKU: T1676)Bulk Powder Feed Kit (SKU: T1676)The Bulk Powder Feed™ Kit continuously refills your powder measure, keeping your powder hopper at a constant full level. It gravity feeds gunpowder directly from an 8lb or 4lb container.
Component Recovery Cup (SKU: T1668)Component Recovery Cup (SKU: T1668)Component Recovery Cup™ separates powder from bullet and case when pulling bullets. Powder drains directly back into powder measure hopper for immediate reuse.
CTS-30000 Precision Counting Scale (SKU: T1445)CTS-30000 Precision Counting Scale (SKU: T1445)The CTS-30000 Precision Counting Digital Scale is suitable for a wide range of uses around the loading bench that your powder scale doesn't have the capacity to do ... for example counting the quantity of brass, bullets or loaded ammo in a bin or bag. Weighs in kilograms, grams, pounds and ounces.
High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale with Powder Pan (SKU: T1251)High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale with Powder Pan (SKU: T1251)The High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale is perfect for the handloader who demands top accuracy. It has 463 grain capacity with 0.02 grain accuracy and is compatible with powder trickling!
Powder Measure Stand Adapter (SKU: T1573)Powder Measure Stand Adapter (SKU: T1573)The Powder Measure Stand Adapter allows you to store your spare Dillon Powder Measure on a RL550/XL650 Toolhead Stand.*
*Dillon Toolhead Stand not included.
RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel (SKU: T1250-P)RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel (SKU: T1250-P)The RCBS Scale Pan/Funnel. Molded from anti-static plastic with two pour spouts. Powder funnel accommodates .22 to .50 caliber cases.
The Perfect Adapter for LEE (SKU: T1370-LEE)The Perfect Adapter for LEE (SKU: T1370-LEE)THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ allows you to connect the Lee Perfect Powder Measure™ to your favorite press via a Lee Powder Through Expander Die or Lee Rifle Charging Die.* (*Lee PTE or RCD dies are not included.)
The Perfect Adapter for RCBS (SKU: T1370-RCBS)The Perfect Adapter for RCBS (SKU: T1370-RCBS)THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ for RCBS Uniflow™ allows you to connect your favorite powder measure to your press via a Lee Powder Through Expanding Die or LEE Rifle Charging Die.* Can be used with any powder measure that has industry standard 7/8″-14 die threads. (* Lee PTE or RCD dies are not included.) 
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