LULA for M-16/AR-15
LULA for M-16/AR-15
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The LULA® is a military quality personal magazine Loader/UnLoader Accessory. It facilitates both loading of loose rounds into a magazine and unloading them out of the magazine. It does so fast, safely, comfortably and painlessly. The M-16/AR-15 LULA® fits all sizes and types of magazines, including plastic magazines. It also works with 6.8mm magazines!

Features & Benefits:
All-in-one magazine loader/unloader
Safer and Quicker operation
Eliminates thumb pain and injury
Eliminates wear on magazine feed lips
Durable glass-reinforced polymer
Reliable in all weather
Light weight 1.3oz (28g) and fits in pocket
ISO9002 controlled manufacturing

1. "Click" the LULA® loader over the open end of the magazine;
2. Have the LULA® loader and magazine face upwards; and
3. Move the lever to-and-fro as you feed rounds into the magazine.

1. "Click" the LULA® loader over the open end of the magazine;
2. Have the LULA® loader and magazine face downwards; and
3. Move the lever to-and-fro as the rounds expel out of the magazine.

See the LULA® in operation!

Ammo on Stripper Clips?
Need to load .223/5.56mm ammo from stripper clips? No problem! Just see the new M-16/AR-15 StripLULA™.

NOTE: The M-16/AR-15 LULA® fits the new Heckler & Koch (H&K) "High-Reliability 30-Round Steel Magazine" designed for use with AR-15, M-16, M-4 and SA-80 type rifles. The standard M-16 LULA® loader/unloader fits and works well with this new magazine. However, since this magazine catch (female) is not a through-hole as in regular NATO USGI M-16 mags., for which the LULA® loader was originally designed, the LULA® loader may slip away prematurely from the magazine. This may start happening after loading/unloading several hundred magazines. Either use the M-16 LULA® knowing its limits, or use the the new M-16/AR-15 StripLULA™, which will load this magazine perfectly for a long time.

LULA is a registered trademark of maglula Ltd., Israel.
StripLULA and UpLULA are trademarks of maglula Ltd., Israel.
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