Finger Rest Extension
Finger Rest Extension
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Fits Gen4 Magazines!

Significantly improves drawing, firing, and reloading control while retaining the concealability of GLOCK® subcompact and compact pistols. It simply replaces the stock magazine floor plate and aids the shooter in quickly obtaining a proper firing grip with each and every draw ... without sacrificing concealment.

Concealable Control™
Due to their compact size, the GLOCK® subcompact and compact pistols have shorter grips than their full-size brethren. Many products addresses this issue by lengthening the GLOCK's grip via a magazine extension … compromising compactness and concealability. The Finger Rest Extension does not add to the grip's length, so does not sacrifice concealment.

The Finger Rest Extension also aids the shooter's hand to immediately acquire and retain a proper firing grip on the firearm. GAP Enterprises, Inc. refers to this as a "positively locked" firing grip.

Law Enforcement
The GAP Enterprises, Inc. Finger Rest Extension is currently in use by uniformed and under-cover police officers, troopers, and deputies carrying carry GLOCK® subcompact pistols as concealed-carry or backup firearms. Regardless of the holster type, the Finger Rest Extension provides Concealable Control™.

Positive Reloads
The Finger Rest Extension also facilitates rapid reloading of GLOCK® subcompact and compact handguns. When releasing the magazine during a reload or a malfunction clearance, magazines equipped with the stock magazine floor plate may have a tendency to become hampered by the fleshy portion of the palm of the firing hand and not drop completely free. The Finger Rest Extension allows the shooter to rapidly strip the magazine from the weapon with a natural, sweeping motion of the non-firing hand ... using large-muscle instead of fine-motor skills. The Finger Rest Extension similarly allows a more positive grip when drawing a fresh magazine. Throughout the reload sequence, the firing hand does not have to sacrifice as much of its firing grip on the firearm, allowing increased retention and a rapid reacquisition of the target.

Available for the Following GLOCK® Pistols:
— GLOCK® 26, 27, 33 & 39 Subcompact (T1302-01)
— GLOCK® 19, 23, 32 & 38 Compact (T1302-02) †
Note: both models come in a 2-pack.

Finger Rest Extension † Mid Gen 3, Glock lengthened G19-23-32-38 magazines by
about one tenth inch. The Finger Rest Extension is designed
to fit the newer, longer Gen 3 and all Gen 4 magazines.
(see photos at left).

The GLOCK® pistols, magazines, ammunition and other accessories shown in photos are for illustration purposes and are not included with the Finger Rest Extension.
Concealable Control is a trademark of GAP Enterprises, Inc.
GLOCK is a registered trademark of GLOCK Gesellschaft mbH. rules="none" width="650px">
Features Benefits
Fits GLOCK® 26, 27, 33 & 39 Subcompacts
Fits GLOCK® 19, 23, 32 & 38 Compacts
Tow Sizes to Fit Many GLOCK® Models
Molded using the Same Type Polymer as GLOCK® Blends with Original GLOCK®Color
Replaces Standard Magazine Base Plate Easy Replacement
Fits Late Gen 3 and All Gen 4 Magazines Compatible with Many GLOCK® Gnerations
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