LimbSaver Pro Handgun Grip System: Large Compact
LimbSaver Pro Handgun Grip System: Large Compact
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The LimbSaver® Pro Handgun System recoil absorbing cushioned grip allows the shooter to retain a solid grip on the handgun, while also helping reduce hand shock and recoil. The result is a comfortable, secure grip on the firearm with maximum reduction of recoil, allowing for faster re-acquisition of the target.

IDPA legal for Stock Service Pistol (SSP) Division!

Improves grip even when hands are sweaty
Enhances retention
Reduces hand shock by absorbing recoil energy
Slips over grip without gunsmithing or altering the original grip.
Only 0.059" thick (on sides) so doesn't add significantly to size of grip.
Molds to the shape of the original grip ... including finger grooves!

Size Fits These Firearms*
* These grips will also fit many other handguns, but have only been test fit on those firearms listed above. This list will be expanded as more fit tests are completed. Meanwhile, you can estimate the proper grip size for your particular pistol from the vertical grip dimensions listed next to each grip photo. The vertical dimension (from beneath the trigger guard to the bottom of the grip) is the most critical for determining grip size.

NOTE: Not for use with semi-automatic pistols that feature a grip safety device of any kind.
Limbsaver Grip - Large Compact
Fits Most Compact Semi-Auto Pistols Including:
GLOCK: 19, 23, 25, 32, 38.
H&K: USP 45 CT
Magnum Research: Baby Eagle
Sig: P239, P250
S&W: M&P .45, Sigma 9mm
Walther: PPK, .32ACP, P99 9mm

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NAVCOM is a trademark of Allsop/Sims Vibration Laboratory.
GLOCK is a registered trademark GLOCK Gesellschaft mbH
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