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Apply COOL PADS™ to the cushions of your earmuffs to improve overall comfort and hygiene of earmuff wear. They keep ears warm in cold climates and absorb moisture in hot, humid climates. COOL PADS absorb 15 times their own weight in moisture. When they get too sweaty or dirty, just peal them off and apply a fresh pair.

Easy To Apply — Just Peel And Stick!
COOL PADS™ have an adhesive backing that attaches directly to the earmuff cushion. As an option, the punched oval center of the Cool Pad may also be placed inside the earcup to protect the foam filling of the earmuff.
† For best adhesion it is recommend to clean you earmuff cushions with rubbing alcohol before applyin COOL PADS™.

Q: Do COOL PADS™ affect the attenuation of the earmuff?
A: The addition of COOL PADS™ will decrease the NRR of an earmuff by 1 dB or less. These minor changes in overall attenuation are within the standard deviation of the testing, and will likely be unnoticeable and insignificant to most users when compared with the benefits of extra comfort, longer wear time and additional hygiene provided by the COOL PADS™. More information regarding the tests is available in this PDF. Click Here

Price: $5.95/pk (Each pack contains 5-pairs)

COOL PADS is a trademark of Sperian Protection Americas, Inc.
Features Benefits
Absorbs sweat in warm climates
Keeps ears warm in cool climates
Fits most ear cushions including competition and military models
Leaves no sticky residue on the ear cushions
Made of dermatologically tested material
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