The Perfect Adapter for LEE
The Perfect Adapter for LEE
TPA on Rock ChuckerTPA on Dillon RL 550B
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THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ allows you to connect the Lee Perfect Powder Measure™ to your favorite press via a Lee Powder Through Expander Die.* This creates a very economical alternative to the Dillon Quick Change, RCBS Uni-Flow Powder Measure, Lyman #55 Powder measure, or the Lee Universal Charging Die. 

THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ for LEE is custom manufactured from top quality 6061 Aluminum alloy. The top is threaded to connect to the LEE Perfect Powder Measure. The bottom has two O-rings to secure the adapter into the top of a Lee Powder Through Expanding Die.* This setup allows you to expand the case mouth AND drop your precise powder measurement through the expanding die ... without changing dies! This assembly can be used on any press that accommodates the industry standard 7/8″–14 die threads.

* Lee Powder Through Expanding Die is Not Included.
† Also works with the LEE Rifle Charging Die (#90194).

To read a copy of THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ instructions Click Here!

— The Lee Powder Through Expanding Die is caliber specific. Refer to the Lee product catalog to find the correct part number for the cartridge you are loading.
— The Lee Perfect Powder Measure, Lee Powder Through Expanding Die, presses, dies and other reloading equipment shown in the photos, are not included with THE PERFECT ADAPTER™.

THE PERFECT ADAPTER is a trademark of Gun-Guides, LLC.
Perfect Powder Measure is a trademark of Lee Precision, Inc.
Rock Chucker and Uniflow are trademarks of Alliant Techsystems Inc.
RCBS is a registered trademark of Alliant Techsystems Inc.
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