The Perfect Adapter™ for LEE
The Perfect Adapter™ for LEE
TPA on Rock ChuckerTPA on Dillon RL 550B
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THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ allows you to connect the Lee Perfect Powder Measure™ to your favorite press. This creates a very economical alternative to the Dillon Quick Change, RCBS Uni-Flow Powder Measure, Lyman #55 Powder measure, or the Lee Universal Charging Die. It can be used on any press that accommodates the industry standard 7/8"–14 die threads.

THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ for LEE is custom manufactured from top quality 6061 Aluminum alloy. The top is threaded to connect to the LEE Perfect Powder Measure. The bottom has two O-rings to secure the adapter inside the Lee Powder Through Expanding Die.* This setup allows you to expand the case mouth AND drop your precise powder measurement through the expanding die ... without changing dies!
* Also works with the LEE Rifle Charging Die (#90194).

To read a copy of THE PERFECT ADAPTER™ instructions Click Here!

— The Lee Powder Through Expanding Die is caliber specific. Refer to the Lee product catalog to find the correct part number for the cartridge you are loading.
— The Lee Perfect Powder Measure, Lee Powder Through Expanding Die, presses, dies and other reloading equipment shown in the photos, are not included with THE PERFECT ADAPTER™.

THE PERFECT ADAPTER is a trademark of Gun-Guides, LLC.
Perfect Powder Measure is a trademark of Lee Precision, Inc.
Rock Chucker and Uniflow are trademarks of Alliant Techsystems Inc.
RCBS is a registered trademark of Alliant Techsystems Inc.
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