Ultimate Bench Block
Ultimate Bench Block
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The Ultimate Bench Block™ is made from heavy duty aluminum channel filled with a tough but soft polyurethane elastomer that won't scratch or mar gun finishes. The Ultimate Bench Block™ can also be turned over if a hard surface is necessary and protecting a finish is not a concern.

A full 6 inches long for more support! Most bench blocks are only 3-4 inches.
The polyurethane surface is raised above the aluminum channel by 1/8" to provide more protection and is bonded into the aluminum channel so it won't fall out.
A 3/4" wide "V" groove runs the full length and is perfect for supporting barrels and other curved shapes.
Three 1/2" holes in the center plus 22, 1/4" holes pre-drilled along both sides for punching out pins.
At 1.6 pounds, it stays put on your workbench.
Sturdy enough to be clamped in a vice for extra support.

Modify It To Suit Your Needs
The Ultimate Bench Block™ can be easily modified to suit your needs.
Enlarge existing holes as needed.
Drill additional holes of various sizes, either part way through or completely through the block.
Carve out specially shaped depressions in the polyurethane to fit specific firearm parts.

NOTE: Color of polyurethane may differ from that shown in photo.
Ultimate Bench Block is a trademark of Saber River Gunsmithing. Made in USA Logo
Length 6"
Width 3"
Height 1-3/8"
Central V-Groove 3/4" wide, 54° Angle
Center Holes (3) 1/2" dia.
Side Holes (22) 1/4" dia.
Elastomer Polyurethane
Elastomer Hardness 45-50 (Shore A)
Aluminum Channel 6061-T6
Weight 1.6 lb
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