10/22 Extended Magazine Release
10/22 Extended Magazine Release
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This 10/22 Extended Magazine Release is longer than the standard factory release, making it easier and faster to release the magazine on Ruger® 10/22® rifles.

Investment casting yields a part that is strong and true to dimensions.

Drop-in fit requires no modification to the 10/22® rifle.

Available Colors*
Black - (T1402-B)
Stainless Steel *- (T1402-S)

* Stainless Steel shown in photo.

Note: A few years ago, Ruger started shipping 10/22® rifles with a longer release lever made from die cast aluminum. It is essentially a copy of the Ranch Products design. You can tell if your rifle is equipped with one by measuring from the center of the Magazine Latch Pivot Pin (B-35) to the tip of the Magazine Latch (B00034). That measurement on the Ranch Products Extended Magazine Release is 0.62″.

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