Competition Pro Series Die Sets
Competition Pro Series Die Sets
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The "Pro Series" is a specially designed three (3) die set, for use in progressive reloading presses. All dies in this set have a special radius at the mouth for easy case entry, a necessary feature for progressive presses. An expander die is not included in the "Pro Series" die sets as the most popular progressive presses expand the case mouth at the powder drop station.

Sizing Die
The sizing die is the extraordinary Redding Titanium Carbide die and comes complete with a decapping unit. The Titanium Carbide sizing ring provides the smoothest operartion of any carbide die.

Seating Die
The Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die is considered "state of the art" in bullet seaters. It provides superior bullet alignment and seating depth accuracy, PLUS micrometer adjustment in .001" increments. As a superior crimp can be accomplished if it is done in a separate operation from the bullet seating, the Competition Bullet Seating Die is designed for bullet seating only, with no crimping feature.

Crimp Die
The Redding Profile Crimp Die (roll type crimp) is supplied for the final crimping. For cartridges that headspace on the case mouth, a Taper Crimp Die is substituted.

Die Set Prices:
9mm = $169.95 †
.38 Super = $155.95
.38 Spl/357 Mag = $155.95
.40 S&W = $155.95
.45 ACP = $155.95

† The 9mm die set is more expensive than for other calibers because the extreme taper of the 9mm case requires a much thicker carbide ring.

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