Universal Decapping Die
Universal Decapping Die
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Decapping dies allow you to deprime your cases prior to cleaning and sizing. It simply decaps the cases but does no sizing or forming of any kind. The small decapping die will handle .22 thru .50 caliber cases with lengths up to 2.625″.

Hardened Decapping Pin
The Decapping Rod is a 0.186" diameter solid steel rod with a 0.062" diameter decap pin permanently set into the tip. The decapping pin is hardened to Rockwell 60-65 so it will easily decap crimped primers.
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— Universal Decapping Die (Small) [T1418] = $19.95
— Replacement Decapping Rod (Small)* [T1418-rod] = $10.95

* Although the photo of the Replacement Decapping Rod shows two retaining rings, they are not included. The retaining rings that come with the Universal Decapping Die are reused when replacing the Decapping Rod.

Q: Why Do I Need a Universal Decapping Die?
A: A Universal Decapping Die belongs in every reloader's die inventory. This simple, inexpensive tool allows you to remove primers from any size case, without altering the case body or neck. This is handy for a variety of purposes including:

If you ultrasonically clean your brass, decappping before ultrasonic cleaning allows the primer pocket to also be cleaned.
It can be used to punch out any occlusions that may be in the flash hole of new brass.
Punch out crimped primers before swaging or reaming the primer pocket.

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Caliber Range .22 - .50 cal.
Max Case Length 2.625″
Decapping Pin Diameter 0.062"
Decap Pin Hardness Rockwell 60-65
Die Threaded Length 1.69"
Die Body Length 3.12"
Die Body Threads 7/8-14
Finish Gun Black
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