PigTail Food Flipper - "Baby"
PigTail Food Flipper - "Baby"
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The "Baby" PigTail's 12″ tapered, stainless steel shaft is cleverly designed to lightly pierce the edge of virtually any solid food. A quick flip of the wrist and the food is turned over.

The "Baby" PigTail® can handle almost anything you can grill including hot dogs, steaks, chicken, bacon, French toast, shrimp, vegetables … you name it!

The "Baby" PigTail's® 12″ length makes it a wizard at stovetop sauteing, griddle work, even in a wok!. It is also handy for smaller sized outdoor grills and Hibachis.

Advantages of the PigTail® Food Flipper
Turns, Flips and Moves Food in a Flash
Does not Scrape up Grease Like a Spatula
Does not Bleed or Mark Meats
Replaces Tongs, Forks and Spatulas

"Baby" PigTail®:  One 12" PigTail® (T1457-1) = $12.95

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