Redding Decap Pins
Redding Decap Pins
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Bending or breaking a decap pin is not a matter of "if", its a matter of "when". And it always seems to happen when you are loading for a match and can't afford to wait a few days for replacements to arrive. So keeping a supply of spare Decap Pins at your reloading bench is cheap insurance.

Available Sizes (10 per package):
Standard Decap Pins (0.0615" dia.)
Undersized Decap Pins (0.0565" dia.)

NOTE: These decap pins will NOT fit Redding Universal Decap Dies. The Universal Decap Dies use a one-piece decap rod. Replacement decap rods are available on the Universal Decap Die product page. Click Here

Q: How do I properly adjust my Decapping Pin?
A: The Decapping Rod Assembly should be adjusted so that the decapping pin protrudes from the bottom of the Die approximately 3/16 of an inch (about the thickness of two Nickels).

Q: Why do I need an Undersized Decapping Pin?
A: All Redding PPC Dies come equipped with undersized (0.057" dia.) decapping pins. Other cartridges with small primer flash holes include: All "Bench Rest" cartridges (22 BR, 6MM BR, 7MM BR), .308 Palma, PPC, Dasher, 6X47 Lapua, 6.5X47 Lapua, 6.5 Grendel, some Speer handgun brass, and some Hornady Brass.

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