Chamber-View - AR-10
Chamber-View - AR-10
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The Chamber-View® solves to an age old problem of gun safety ... how to tell, from a distance, if the action is open and the chamber is empty! By "Seeing Safety Fast" Chamber-View® provides instant recognition and nonverbal communication amongst shooters, range personnel and observers that a firearm is clearly safe by indicating an open action and empty chamber.

Provides Instant Recognition that a Firearm is Safe.
Prevents Accidental Closings of the Action.
Prevents Elements from Contaminating the Action.
Ultra Durable Silicone Rubber in High Visibility Blaze Orange
Won't Mar Firearm Finish and Inert to Cleaning Chemicals

Fits AR-10 Rifles.
Fits most AR-10 type rifles chambered for .308 caliber cartridges.
Chamber-View in AR-15

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