Mr. Shooter's Brass Marker
Mr. Shooter's Brass Marker
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Mr. Shooter's Brass Marker allows you to quickly stripe your brass for easy identification. You can stripe more than 20 brass per minute. If you're a reloader this is a "must have" device.

Mr. Shooter's Brass Marker uses Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers to place two stripes around the brass. You can use any of the 25 currently available Sharpie colors, in any combination, to uniquely mark your brass.

9mm Round Stripe 20 Rounds Per Minute
Applies 2 Stripes at the Same Time
Uses Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers
Battery Powered - Stripe Brass at the Range
Battery Life > than 5000 Rounds
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What Size Brass Will it Mark?
Stripes any rifle or pistol brass that is:
1) No shorter than approximately a 9mm round as you need enough sticking up to hold.
2) No larger in diameter at the base than approximately a .45 ACP round.

Watch Mr. Shooter's Brass Marker in action!

Watch it Stripe 20 Rounds in 1 Minute!

Stripes Brass Sizes 9mm to 45 ACP
Number Of Stripes 2
Marker Type Sharpie Fine Point Permanent
(not included)
Rotation Rate 90 rpm
Dimensions (base) 3.5"L x 3.5"W x 2.25"H
Height (overall) 4.5"
Weight 10.3 oz
Power 9v Battery
(not included)

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Works like it shouldI spend allot of time prepping my brass especially rifle brass so it is really nice knowing that I am getting my brass back. I have a color code system that lets me know at a glance how many times I have loaded the same brass. Every reloaded should have one of these on their bench. Written by John Duncan on Thu 15 Mar 2018 4:11:26 AM GMT
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