300 AAC Blackout Brass
300 AAC Blackout Brass
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300 AAC Blackout, precision formed from quality Lake City 5.56 brass.
250 Count Bag

This 300 Blackout Brass goes through an entensive reprocessing which includes:
Decapping of spent primer
Primer pocket swaging to remove crimp
Wet cleaning inside and out
Full-length sizing as 5.56, using a Wilson case gage for quality control to ensure easy chambering
Dry polishing to restore the "new brass shine"
Trimming with Ballistic Tools' custom machine to create .300 Blackout blanks
Reforming and full length sizing to .300 Blackout specifications
Trimming to SAAMI trim-to length with a tolerance of + 0.005″
Annealing with Ballistic Tools' custom neck annealer to increase case life
Final inspection to ensure primer seating and tension

At every stage, the brass is inspected to detect and remove cases with anything more than minor dents.

Formed from true once-fired military surplus Lake City 5.56.

Customer Feedback
"Just got my order! Thanks! The brass is awesome!"
— Bradley K. - Manchester, MO

Note: This product can not be shipped outside the United States in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
This product is also restricted from sale to the State of Massachusetts and the City of Chicago. Other restrictions may apply. Please check your local and state laws before ordering.

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