Reload Checker
An absolute must for any reloader that shoots in competition
Reload Checker
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This Ammunition Reloading Gauge checks both .45 ACP and .38 Spl./357 Mag. … in one gauge. Quickly sort your handloads before a match and cull out bad loads that will cause gun malfunctions due to chambering problems … eliminating one problem that costs you points. Precision CNC machined to SAAMI minimum chamber diameter dimensions from 6061 Aluminum.

How to Use:
Simply drop each round into the checker and listen for the "click". Then turn the checker upside down and make sure they drop free by themselves. Set aside any rounds that don't drop in with a "click" or don't drop out freely, and use them only for practice.

NOTE: This is not a traditional case gauge. It does not check the rim or COL. It is intended to check only the cartridge diameter … the most problematic dimension with regards to chambering.
.45 ACP: Will drop into the checker up to the extractor groove.
.38 Spl.: Will drop into the checker up to the rim.
.357 Mag.: Will drop into the checker with approximately 1/8″ of the base protruding.

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