The Original Powder Mirror
The Original Powder Mirror
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The Original Powder Mirror helps you visually inspect the powder drop in each case. If you've ever had a squib, you'll appreciate this added level of security.

The mirror is 100% acrylic and laser cut using state of the art equipment. All the edges are polished and smooth so there are no sharp edges to get cut on. The Original Powder Mirror is backed with a 100% guarantee. If you ever have a problem with one, just contact us and we'll replace it for free.

Installation is simple. Just loosen the die lock nut on the second or third die on your reloader, slide the mirror arm under it, and tighten it back down. Remember to always check your die adjustment before reloading more ammo. If desired, you can install and additional die lock nut and cinch the mirror arm between the two nuts.*
* An extra die lock nut is not included.

Once the mirror is in place, adjust it to the angle you need in order to see in the case from your desired operating position. You can bend the wire as needed but do not bend the brass tubing. The mirror will rotate in almost any direction. You can lengthen the arm slightly by simply pulling it out from the brass tube.

Powder Mirror on RL550B
The Original Powder Mirror on a Dillon RL 550B Press.

Works on Most Progressive and Single Stage Presses!
Although shown on a Dillon RL 550B progressive press, The Original Powder Mirror
will work equally well on most progressive presses … and single stage presses too!

1) The Original Powder Mirror works best with pistol ammo. Some taller thinner cases are difficult to see into. Supplemental lighting is highly recommended as typical room lighting does not usually illuminate inside the case mouth. Several shellplate illumination products are available including our Light-Load™ Shellplate Illuminator.
2) Will not work on Dillon SDB press as the proprietary SDB dies do not use die lock nuts.
3) Will not work on RCBS Piggy Back II or other presses where the powder dispense occurs at the back of the press … positioning the mirror where it can't be seen while operating the press.
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Mirror Material Acrylic
Mirror Dimensions 2″ x 1.5″ x 1/4″ Thick
Mirror Rotation 360°
Arm Length 3-1/82″ (from mirror pivot to center of die)
Arm Rotation 360°.
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