Gong Target Set
Gong Target Set
8″ Gong - Shot by 22LR, 9mm and .45ACP
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Steel Gong targets are fun to shoot because you get instant audible feedback when you hit them. These gongs are cut from A-36 Steel, which is much less expensive than AR-500! They are great for .22 rimfire and light centerfire handgun loads. They are durable and can be reused many times!

Gong Target Set inclues: 1 each 4″, 5″ and 8″ targets.

1/4″ Thick A-36 Steel
Three 1/2″ Mounting Holes **

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 4.0
9mm testThis gong set is rated for 22 Rimfire primarily but I decided to put it to the test with 9mm. I shot the 8 inch gong with 300 rounds of 115 grain FMJ. The gone was supported on a CTS spring loaded hanger mounted on a 2 x 4. By the end of the testing the gong was starting to get a slight Bowl shape due to numerous Center hits on the steel, but nothing substantial and the gong is still completely usable. The two smaller guns will be tested next and I will update the review as to how will they stood up. The only modification required was to drill the holes out to 5/8 inch rather than the half inch holes that they come with which are too small 4 my hangers. Written by Joe Gonzalez on Sat 16 Sep 2017 8:28:51 PM GMT
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