FailSafe Bracket Kit
FailSafe Bracket Kit
FailSafer Bracket Kit - Installed
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The Dillon XL 650 press has a very long and narrow Failsafe Bracket. If something jams the powder bar, the Failsafe Bracket can be easily bent. Even under normal operation, the Failsafe Bracket flexes upward slightly at the very bottom of the ram's downward motion. This flex can be aggravated if the wing nut on the Failsafe Rod is adjusted too tightly. Either way, this can result in the powder bar not returning fully to the home position each and every cycle of the press … thus affecting powder charge weight consistency.

The Solution
This FailSafe Bracket is machined from 1/4″ thick 303 Stainless Steel. It is very strong and rigid … ensuring that your powder bar returns to the same position every time. Plus it features a brass shoulder washer that is held in place with set screws. This ensures that the shoulder washer can't disengage from the Failsafe Bracket!

FailSafe Bracket Kit Includes:
Stainless Steel FailSafe Bracket (replaces #18726)
Brass Shoulder Washer (replaces #18086)
1/4-28x1-3/8″ Cap Head Screw (replaces #14138)
10-24x5/8″ Cap Head Screw (replaces #13964)
10-24x3/16″ Set Screw

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Customer Reviews

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Another Innovative Uniquetek product!I wasn't sure I needed this kit but I'm a sucker for innovation so I thought I would give it a try, hoping to gain more powder charge "repeatability." Man, what a difference! This Aftermarket Fail-Safe bracket kit is solid and eliminates the OEM Fail-Safe bracket flex, while smoothing out a very jerky bell-crank motion. The end result is improved powder drops and a better overall hand loading experience. I can't wait for the next innovation! Well done Uniquetek. Written by Tom Blankenship on Fri 30 Nov 2018 9:26:36 PM GMT
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