650/750 Case Feed Stop Switch
650/750 Case Feed Stop Switch
Case Feed Stop Switch - OFF PositionCase Feed Stop Switch - Animation
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This Case Feed Stop Switch allows you to temporarily disable the XL 650 or XL 750 Case Feed System. It simply replaces the original Case Insert Slide Cam and can be switched from ON to OFF in just a few seconds without any tools.

Deactivates Case Feed Mechanism
Allows for Easier Recovery from Press Malfucntions and Jams
• Allows for Easier Die Adjustment
• Saves the Time Needed to Return Cases to Casefeed Bowl

Ball Detents at "ON" and "OFF" Positions
Easy Bolt On Installation
• Durable Anodized Aluminum Base

NOTE: Although photos show blue anodizing, the current shipping product will have gold anodizing.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
A MUST HAVE!!I just put this on my brand-new XL750 and have found I couldn't have lived without it. I have a case feeder, and when I get done with a reloading session, I still have a full tube of cases waiting to go through the press. By simply clicking this accessory to the back-most position, it stops feeding cases and I can go ahead and finish-up what's in the press already. Also, as we all know, on occasion something happens that needs to be sorted out by moving a case back a step, and by having the ability to use this feature to stop feeding more cases and make the situation worse, makes this accessory worth every penny. I use this every time I go to use my reloading machine because I don't like to stop with a shell plate full of ammo at different stages and prefer to stop when all the rounds are off the machine. It took literally less than a minute to install it with just a standard hex key. If you have a Dillon XL650 or XL750 get this product. Written by Sonny Ftr on Tue 3 Dec 2019 12:35:04 AM GMT
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