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This tool safely removes carbon and lead that collects in the chambers and cylinder throats of .357 Mag., 10mm, .44 Mag and .45LC revolvers and rifles. Removes the "ridge" from chambers after using shorter versions of these cartridges.

Perfect if you Shoot;
.38 Short Colt or .38 Special in a .357 Magnum
.40 S&W in a 10mm – NEW!
.44 Special in a .44 Magnum
.45 Cowboy Special in a .45 Colt

Removes Carbon/Lead Ridge from Revolver and Rifle Chambers
Regular Use will Significantly Reduce Throat Erosion
Absolutely NO Impact on your Present Chamber Dimensions

Precision Machined to SAAMI Cartridge Dimensions
Made from High-Strength Alloy, Heat Treated and Blued
Adapted to Fit Standard 8-32 Cleaning Rods for Cleaning Rifle Chambers
Screwdriver Slot for Cleaning Revolver Cylinders

NOTE: Although all four calibers are shown together in the product photo, they are sold individually.
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