Powder Measure Quick Change, QD Tab
Powder Measure Quick Change, QD Tab
QD Tab on Powder Measure
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Expected Arrival: 03/27/20

This Powder Measure Quick Change, QD Tab allows you to quickly and easily remove your Dillon powder measure … without any tools! It simply replaces the original Collar Clamp and screws. The spring-loaded QD Tab securely holds the Powder Measure on the Powder Die.

Unique Anti-Rotate Friction Pads
Unlike other similar products, this QD Tab has Anti-Rotate Friction Pads that prevent the powder measure from rotating on the powder die. This is critical as the Fail Safe Rod must be kept as vertical as possible to ensure consistent and smooth operation of the Powder Measure.

Allows Quick Removal of Powder Measure
No Tools Required to Remove Powder Measure
• Anti-Rotate Pads Maintain Failsafe Rod Alignment

Stand Adapter

Tip! Once your Powder Measure has been removed from the toolhead, you'll need a safe place to set it where it can't fall over and spill powder. The UniqueTek Powder Measure Stand Adapter™ allows you to park your powder measure on a Dillon RL550/Xl650/XL750 Toolhead Stand (Dillon Stock No: 22055).

NOTE: Although photos show black anodizing, the actual color may be Red or Blue. Due to the small production run sizes, our parts are grouped in with whatever color anodizing is being run at that time.

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