Extended 550 Shellplate Bolt
Extended 550 Shellplate Bolt
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Expected Arrival: May 2020

When shellplate bearing kits are added to the RL 550 press, the shellplate bolt is typically raised about 1/8". On some presses this is enough to prevent the Brass Tip Set Screw (#13923) from locking the shellplate bolt. The solution is this extended shellplate bolt.

550 Press RamEven with a stock RL 550 press, the Shellplate Bolt may short enough that the Brass Tip Set Screw doesn't make full contact on the bolt's shoulder (see photo at right). This can only be made made worse when installing shellplate bearing kits. The only solution is to install a longer Shellplate Bolt.

Q: Can I use the Extended 550 Shelplate Bolt on a press without a shellplate bearing?
A: Typically the stock Shellplate Bolt is just long enough that it works just fine as is. In fact, without a shellplate bearing installed, the Extended Shellplate Bolt may be too long and bottom out before the shellplate tension is in proper adjustment. That said, if your Shellplate Bolt has less than 50% of the shoulder visible in the set screw hole, the Extended Shellplate Bolt can help.

Q: Can I use the Extended 550 Shelplate Bolt on an Xl 650 or XL 750 press?
A: No. The 650/750 Shellplate Bolt is a different design and an extended Shellplate Bolt is not know to be needed.
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