Moon Clips by Ranch Products
MOON CLIPSS&W 625-2 Moon Clip
by Ranch Products

Ranch Products Moon Clips are ideal for fast reloads in your revolver. Moon clips are faster and less cumbersome than speed loaders. Plus, because all your empties stay together, you won't loose any brass. Reusable hundreds of times.

Full Moon Clips are the most popular as they allow a full reload in one package.

1/3 Moon Clips hold just 2 rounds and provide the ability to top off your revolver without dumping the other loaded rounds. Due to their smaller size, they also make for more compact carry.

Since 1975, Ranch Products has manufactured its line of after-market firearm accessories with the highest quality materials and processing for the industry. In-house manufacturing and quality control assures the best possible products.

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.45 ACP Full Moon Clips
S&W 625-2 Moon Clip
For S&W 625, 25-2 & Colt '17s
blued finish
Package: (8-pk or 50-pk)
T1419-01 (8-pk) $5.95
T1419-17 (50-pk) $19.95

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S&W 625-2 Moon Clip
For S&W 625, 25-2 & Colt '17s
nickel finish, (8-pk)
T1419-02      $9.95/pk Order Now
Taurus Tracker Moon Clip
For Taurus Tracker
(Will not fit Taurus Judge.*)
.45 ACP 5-shot
blued finish, (4-pk)
T1419-03      $9.95/pk Order Now
Governor Moon Clip combo
For S&W Governor .45 ACP 6-shot
blued finish, (4 Full Moon and 4, 2-Shot Clips per pk)
T1419-10      $7.95/pk Order Now
The 2-round moon clips in the Governor Combo Pack at left, allow you to load a combination of .45 ACP and .410 Shothsells and/or .45 Colt at the same time!
45 Redhawk Moon Clip
For 45 Ruger Redhawk
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-15      $11.95/pk Order Now
.40 S&W and 10mm Full Moon Clips
S&W 610 Moon Clip
For S&W 610
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-04      $9.95/pk Order Now
S&W 646 Moon Clip
For S&W 646
.40 S&W
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-05      $11.95/pk Order Now
.38 Super and .38 Special Full Moon Clips
S&W 627 Moon Clip
For S&W 627 Performance Center
.38 Super 8-shot
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-06      $11.95/pk Order Now
S&W 627 Moon Clip
For S&W 627
And S&W M&P R8
.38 Special 8-shot
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-12      $11.95/pk Order Now
S&W 686+ Moon Clip

For S&W Modified 686+
.38 Special 7-shot
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-07      $14.95/pk Order Now
9mm Full Moon Clips
S&W 929 Moon Clip
For S&W 929 Performance Center
9mm 8-shot
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-06      $11.95/pk Order Now
Ruger 9mm Speed Six MoonClip.jpg

For Ruger 9mm Speed Six
9mm 6-shot
blued finish, (4-pk)
T1419-08      $7.95/pk Order Now
S&W 940 Moon Clip

For S&W 940 and Ruger 9mm SP-101
blued finish, (4-pk)
T1419-09      $7.95/pk Order Now
S&W 986 Moon Clip
For S&W 986 Performance Center
9mm 7-shot
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-13      $14.95/pk
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Ruger LCR Moon Clip

For Ruger LCR
9mm 5-shot
blued finish, (4-pk)
T1419-14      $7.95/pk
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Ruger LCR Moon Clip
For ALFA 9mm 6-shot
9mm 6-shot
blued finish, (8-pk)
T1419-16      $19.95/pk
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1/3 Moon Clips
Ruger Speed Six 1/3 Moon Clip
For Ruger Speed Six & Service Six
blued finish, (25-pk)
T1419-11      $6.95/pk Order Now

* Taurus Judge Cylinder Modification
The rear of the Taurus Judge cylinder must be EDM machined to allow the use of these moon clips. Ranch Products now offers this as a service. Contact Steve Crawford at Ranch Products for instructions; (313) 277-3118. DO NOT SHIP YOUR COMPLETE FIREARM.
Note: Moon Clips for .45ACP can not be shipped outside the United States in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
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