Redding Reloading
Redding Reloading
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Carbide Size Button Kit (SKU: T1448)Carbide Size Button Kit (SKU: T1448)Upgrade your Redding Standard and Type S dies with a carbide sizing button. Makes inside neck sizing smoother and easier without lubrication. (See product page to select the caliber you need.)
Case Lube Pad (SKU: T1442)Case Lube Pad (SKU: T1442)The Redding Case Lube Pad is great for lubricating both rifle and pistol cases. Just put case lube (sold separately) on the pad and roll empty cases across the pad to get an even application.
Deburring Tool (SKU: T1443)Deburring Tool (SKU: T1443)Removes burrs and bevels case mouths for easy bullet seating and consistent bullet release. Accepts all cases from .17 to .45 caliber.
E-Z Feed Shellholder Set (SKU: T1408)E-Z Feed Shellholder Set (SKU: T1408)This "E-Z Feed" Shellholder Set consists of six of the most popular shellholders in a handy storage box. Contains Shellholders #1, #6, #10, #12, #18 & #19.
G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die (SKU: T1326)G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die (SKU: T1326)The Redding G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die is designed to restore fired cases from 40 S&W autoladoing pistols that exhibit a bulge near the base. Also sizes 10mm Auto and .357 SIG cases.
Imperial Bio-Green Case Lube (SKU: T1441)Imperial Bio-Green Case Lube (SKU: T1441)Imperial Bio-Green Case Lube is a plant based, bio-degradable lubricant that offers a highly effective, totally renewable substitute to traditional petroleum based case lubricants. It may be used on any pad type applicator to provide superior lubrication. 3oz bottle.
National Match Die Set (SKU: T1409)National Match Die Set (SKU: T1409)Redding now offers a specialized die set for the military match shooter. The 3-die set includes a Full-Length Sizing Die a Competition Bullet Seating Die and a Taper Crimp Die. Available in 223 Rem., 308 Win., 30-06 Springfield and 300 Blackout. (See product page to order the correct die set for the cartridge you need.)
Redding Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Die (SKU: T1458)Redding Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Die (SKU: T1458)The Redding Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Die provides the same micrometer adjustment to bullet crimp that the Competition Bullet Seating Die has provided for bullet seating. (See web page to select caliber.)
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