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1911 Fixture (SKU: T1550)1911 Fixture (SKU: T1550)This fixture is required to finish your 80% 1911 frame. The process you can do with this fixture are: Decking the top of the Frame, Slide Fitting, Sear and Hammer Pin Holes. (NOTE: This fixture designed for use in an end mill. A drill press is not recommended. End Mill Bits are not included.)
80% 1911 Kit - Stainless Steel Frame (SKU: T1549)80% 1911 Kit - Stainless Steel Frame (SKU: T1549)This kit contains all parts needed to build your 80% 1911. This is not a complete frame and still requires additional machining to be done.
1) This is a not an FFL item.
2) This is not a completed frame and still requires machining to be done before assembly.
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