"Many thanks! This is one of the main reasons that I like to deal with you folks; outstanding customer service! Needless to say, you folks are on my "Approved Vendor List". Keep up the good work."
Robert B. - Harrison, ME
"Last Monday I called in and added to my some things to a order I placed over the previous weekend. I was told it would get out sometime that week. Wednesday when I got home from work my wife was wanting to know what was in that box. She loves the mag well on her Glock! Great service, great products! April 2nd I was in Hot Springs, AR and what do I see? Your banner at the M.V.S.A. I.D.P.A. Regional, thank you for your support."
Darrell W. - Sand Springs, OK
Lee, "Thanks again for yet another very informative and instantaneous reply. This kind of tech support keeps me a loyal UniqueTek customer. I love your stuff!"
Don M. - Columbus, OH
"Thanks! Received the order yesterday! I appreciate your follow up, and everything went along as expected. I have enjoyed doing business with you and your group of associates! Excellent service and follow up! Will be back when I need something you supply!"
Alan F. - South Fork, CO
"Just wanted to compliment you on your 20 Tips article ["20 Tips for Powder Measure Accuracy"] - it was well written, full of great tips (some I've already implemented) and shows expertise! The best part is that it wasn't just a tool to sell me your product (although there are a few items I'm on my way to buy)… Thank you!"
William L. - AZ
"I have purchased several of your accessories for my Dillon 550B press and everything has worked as advertised. Keep up the great work on the Dillon accessories."
Gene N. - Albuquerque, NM
"To be honest since this was my first item related question I have sent, I am fairly impressed by your detailed response. Thank you for the change of pace from the average customer service replies originating from a generic product spec sheet ->customer asks A, answer with B."
Andrew F.
"I look forward to your emails - you offer a wide variety of great products! You're responsible for most of my internet impulse purchases! Thank you and keep up the good work."
Leonard C. - Winslow, ME
"Thank you very much for getting back to me, and on a Saturday no less. I appreciate you clearing everything up for me. … That is the type of customer service that sets you apart from the rest. It is certainly appreciated."
Chris P. - Spring Grove, IL
Thank you for response to my dilemma regarding how to reload 32 S&W Long. You gave me much food for thought regarding going the Dillon route. However, I had also been looking into the Redding 3BR as a possible choice. After reading that you actually called one of their Rep's to ask their thoughts on the matter I now believe for at least now the Redding is the way to go. But ... I may someday decide to upgrade to a progressive system, it will be Dillon without a doubt with the Arredondo powder slide you offer. Thanks again. It is not often that people who respond to customer service questions are willing to go the extra lengths as you did."
John N.
"I sure do admire your company. I remember some years ago you offered some pretty neat stuff and I even purchase some gear from you. What you have to offer is excellent stuff of significant quality and on top of that Unique as well. Thanks!"
Lee W. - Batesville, AR
"Thank you! You guys are my favorite company!"
Leonard C. - Winslow, ME
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