"Hi Uniquetekies..!"
"I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how impressed I am with the Micrometer Powder Bar Kit I just installed on my Dillon 650. The craftsmanship, accuracy and finish of the Powder Bar Kit are quite obvious. You're to be complimented on this product and I'm sure my credit card number will become more familiar to you as time goes on."
"Again, thanks for the great product...we'll do business in the future."
Larry H. - Kennesaw, GA
"I have one of your machines [ultrasonic cleaner]. Its been just great in my shop. Not only do I use it for my firearms, but also the wife's jewelry, antique clock internals, and knives. If it fits, It's cleaned. Thank you for a great ultrasonic cleaner, that does a great job, and is affordable for most everyone."
Bill S. - Macon, GA
"Hi Lee,"
"I just wanted to let you know that I think your tool head clamp system and (especially) your powder bar micrometer modification are exceptional improvements and value. The biggest problem with the Dillon powder measure is the Mickey Mouse adjustment "bolt" and lack of precision/predictability/repeatability/consistency/etc. With the use of your chart and your micrometer system, I no longer avoid changing grain changes or powder changes. Thank you so much for the much needed improvement."
Bill B. - Cody, WY
"Hi Lee,"
"Just wanted to let you know, After using your products, I have now become the International 1920 Match (Bianchi Cup Match) Australian Champion."
"Many thanks for the awesome products with out them I would have not been able to achieve my Goal of becoming the Australian National Champion."
Brett Foster - Bundaberg, QLD, Australia
"I just recently purchased your micro fiber cleaning towels as well as your premium firearms cleaner and I am really impressed. I should have ordered a larger bottle because this stuff really works. It even got the hammered on gunk out of my Browning .22. Fast shipping and great communication."
Frank D.
"Your service is incredible. My order arrived today. The only way it could have been faster is if it got here before I ordered it. Of course, you would have to be physic or something." "Many thanks."
Jim M.
"Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your Micrometer Powder Bar, 650 Tool Head Clamp, CNC Tool Head, Powder Baffle and a Redding competition die [for about six months]. This has made my pistol loads the best I have ever. I really like the fact that I can adjust the bullet length and powder charge within in seconds and then keep loading."
"Thanks Again,"
Brett F. - Queensland, Australia (Australian and Queensland Pistol Team Member)
"Dear Lee & Tina:"
"Ritchie received the brass wizard yesterday and took it to the shooting range last evening, He said it worked "great", he really likes it. Just wanted to let you know that he got it and how pleased he is with it and how nice it was doing business with you. Many thanks for everything!!!"
"Best Regards,"
Jane H.
"Perfect service and superb delivery, it arrived today. I shall post your product list at my shooting club notice board."
"Thank you,"
Andy W.
"Fantastic super fast service and superb communication, the likes of Sinclair and Dillon would do well to follow your example! Thank you."
"A friend of mine is very likely to pop into see you guys in a week or two when he is in Arizona on holiday, I will pass on my experience of your service to him (he'll be the visitor with an accent!)."
"Many thanks once again."
Andy W.
"Hi Lee,"
"Such great customer service!! I've read about it from others, and now got to experience it first hand."
"I do have some of your other products... I had purchased 3 of the CNC-machined toolhead clamp kits as well as the powder baffle. I have one of the clamp kits currently installed and like that, and also think the powder baffle is a GREAT idea for insuring even powder flow."
"You guys do a great job, keep up the good work!"
"Thanks again!
Ron M.
"Keep up the great "Unique" equipment line and the great tip section. They have been extremely helpful."
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