"Thank you for the Excel Spread Sheet. It will be put to good use. I have not had the opportunity to use your product yet but if it is as good as the purchasing experience has been then I should be quite pleased. Very rarely do I send either compliment or complaint emails, but in this case I wanted to let you know how pleased and surprised I have been so far with ordering from you. I immediately had confirmation of the order, shipping information came quickly after that and then the Excel Spreadsheet on top of all that. Keep up the good work and I look forward to using your products in the near future."
Roger M
."I am ready to go. Thanks for your customer service. Your products should be sold by Dillon as standard options."
Bruce M.
"Dear Lee,"
"Thank you for the excel file! This will be a tremendous help for me. Appreciate all of your excellent products and superb customer service!"
Gus G.
"Your company is super. I love all the extra advise, tricks and tips offered. When I can save a few more dollars I'll order another one [Arredondo Powder Drop Slide]."
Andrew B.
"I have downloaded your "Tip" file "18 Tips for Powder Measure Accuracy", and found it not only well written, but containing invaluable information. I strongly suspect the above files [other "Tips" files] will be similar. Thanks in advance!!!"
Dave L.
"My husband and I enjoy getting the UniqueTek newsletter via email. Hubby also loves the micrometer and other items he has purchased from you in the past. See ya at EOT if you're there this year. We'll also be going out to Bordertown in Oct."
Debbie M.
"Great products and service."
Jim M.
"Thank you Tina.... I truly wish more companies offered your high level of service and follow through."
"Thanks again."
Dan W.
"As feedback; I have installed/used the other products that I purchased [from UniqueTek] and would like to report that I am very pleased with their performance."
Robert W.
"Your products are awesome. I would have never thought that I could load such massive amounts of .223 on my 1050 so easily! Please send me the rest of the tips you have." Thanks!
No Name
"Just recently found your site. And I must say you really have an informative, interesting products that I will be purchasing in the not to distant future. I don't usually write to tell someone about what I like and don't like about their site, but this time I felt compelled to. Keep it up!"
Jim D.
"I appreciate your articles and your products. I also appreciate the time Lee spent with me a couple of weeks ago when I was able to stop in to your office."
"Best of luck!"
Sam S.
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