"Dear Tina and Lee,"
"The package from you arrived yesterday. Everything was as ordered, cleared by the customs as hoped for, very well packaged and in containers giving a luxury feeling. The manuals are very comprehensive; to the degree they will take me another day reading, hehe... "
"If something wrong is done while mounting and using, it has to be only the users fault and him alone to blame."
"Taking in account the quality of your collection of products and your excellent service, I have no doubt in continuing ordering from you in the future and to highly recommend you to all my shooting compadres!"
"I'm looking forward to do business with you again soon."
Stein A. - (Norway)
"Hi Lee,"
"The timer product [Time-Outâ„¢] does a terrific job of solving a problem. You guys did their homework when you came out with that product."
Rich C.
"As a starting handloader, I very much appreciated the tips on lubing from your website! Hereby my request to receive the other tip files you made previously, as they can greatly enhance my knowledge of reloading!"
"With kind regards,"
Dennis V. - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"Thanks!! I have several hundred vendors, do lots of business on line as well as the old fashioned way, and I am a well-seasoned mystery shopper for several companies. UniqueTek has demonstrated far above average customer service on this order."
Mark M.
"Dear Good People at UniqueTek,"
"Thank you for designing and manufacturing such a terrific product [Micrometer Powder Bar Kit]. Please keep me informed of any other Dillon products you create."
"A very satisfied customer,"
Rick H.
"Very attentive customer service! I will pass your attention to detail on to my fellow reloaders in northern Arizona."
Dave B.
"I've bought 2 products from you, the micro powder measure bar and your tumbler timer, and I have to say at how pleased I am with your 2 products. The mike is right on with the same lot of powder, and the timer allows me to set and forget the tumbler when cleaning brass. Both products operate as promised and has made my reloading life a lot easier." "Thanks for making a good product!"
Eric K.
"All I can say is....WOW! Where has this product been my reloading life! No more screws, no more dials/knobs. Setting up a load is so easy. You have a sure winner, and I'll be sure to toot your horn to my fellow shooters." "Threw some charges in there to do the calibration curve, tried out the "guess" and it was spot on."
Vince L.
"Just wanted to Thank You for the prompt service and let you know the other powder bar kit arrived two days ago. It is installed and working great. I look forward to future purchases of UniqueTek products."
Daniel G.
"Thank you sir, after my troubles with your site, and your kind offer to take my order over your phone, I knew that I would eventually be able to purchase the Dillon powder bar I wanted. The next time I tried your site, everything worked fine."
"I only wish that you had other products that I would be interested in..... Oh well, I will check your products occasionally, just in case"
"Thanks again."
Dennis S.
"Good stuff--Keep it coming."
Clem S.
"The powder scale came in today, thanks! It works like a charm. I got it set up and zero'd. Checked the calibration with the enclosed weight. Then I weighed an empty case and zero'd it with the case. Pulled the case and put a powder charge in it, then back on the scale. Came out at 4.2, just like it was supposed to!"
"This is going to be a great addition to my loading bench."
Joel S.
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