Lee, "This is a great product [Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™] with top notch design, materials & workmanship. Exactly what the Dillon presses needed"
Walt J.
"Thanks Lee,"
"I enjoyed our conversation a few weeks ago. I just received my two kits [Micrometer Powder Bar Kits™] and assembled them last night. These things look GREAT!! I have many times thought about having EXACTLY what you have created."
"I will show them around our club. There are at least 30 Dillon reloaders there so I hope you will get some more business."
"Thanks again,"
Garrison J.
"Thanks. The box showed up today. Appreciate your keeping on top of the order. Also, thanks for the free lens wipes. A nice touch of good customer service."
Ernie H.
"Very, very neat."
"I'm going to be developing some IPSC loads for major 9, which is going to be a LOT of load development with at least 3 different powders."
"The micrometer powder bar kit should make this task much easier."
Scott F.
"Just tried the whole arrangement out [Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™]. Way cool! It actually works! I need another one. I'll call you tomorrow."
"Thanks a bazillion."
Jerry W.
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