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The overwhelming demand for Bang and Clang Bullets has resulted in excessive lead times for delivery. So we have temporarily stopped taking orders.

Bang and Clang logoBang and Clang Bullets
Cast Bullets for Cowboy Action,
Action Pistol, Steel Challenge
and Other Shooting Sports.

Available with Hi-Performance Polymer Coating!
BANG and CLANG manufactures high-guality cast lead bullets for a wide variety of shooting sports where a case lead bullet is desirable ... such as;
♦ Cowboy Action
♦ Steel Challenge

Sized & Lubed: Sized and Lubed with Magma Lube Blue Bullet Lube from Magma Engineering.
Sized & Coated: Sized and Coated with Hi-Performance Bullet Coatings (Brick Red).
The Advantages of Coated Bullets:
– No Bore Leading: Since the coating completely encases the bullet, bore leading is eliminated.
– Increased Velocities: The coating has a lower coefficient of friction than an uncoated lead bullet, yielding increased muzzle velocity.
– Reduced Bore Cleaning: The coating actually cleans the bore with each shot. In fact, when you first switch to coated bullets, you will see velocities increase slightly and then plateau as residues are removed from the bore.
Brinell Hardness: All bullets have a Brinell hardness of 12. They are great for velocities of 800-1000 fps. Not recommended for velocities over 1300 fps.
Definitions for Bullet Shapes:
RN — Round Nose TCFP — Truncated Cone Flat Point
RNFP — Round Nose Flat Point BB — Beveled Base
SWC — Semi Wadcutter FB — Flat Base
Shipping & Rates:
500 Bullets: Shipped via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope @ $8.00.
1000 Bullets: Shipped in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box @ $14.00.
Bulk (2000 to 5000 bullets): Shipped in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box @ $14.00. **
** "Bulk" bullet quantity is dependent on bullet size and is the maximum number of bullets that can be packed into a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box.

† Shipping is added automatically when you click on "Add to Cart".
When ordering only bullets, please select USPS as the shipping method at checkout.
All bullets are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer in New Mexico.

Power Factor Chart
This handy chart lists Bullet Weights and Power Factors and the muzzle velocities need to achieve that Power Factor. Power Factors are listed for SASS, ICORE, IDPA, USPSA and Steel Challenge. Click on the icon at right to download in PDF format.
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Regarding Bang and Clang Bullets

I was first introduced to the original Bang N Clang Bullets in Magdalena, NM about ten years ago.  The proprietor, Steve Pawlcyn, convinced me that his softer bullets were what I needed for Cowboy Action Shooting.  One, they completely filled the lands and grooves in the barrel, and two, they held a crimp much better than harder bullets.  Many Cowboy Action Shooters use .38 spl ammunition in both their rifle and pistols, and with a straight walled case like the .38, a solid crimp is imperative.
The biggest testimony to the quality of a product is where and how often it gets used.  Bang N Clang Bullets are sold and used by Cowboy Action Shooters across this country!  In the past, I have hauled as many as 56,000 bullets to Winter Range to deliver to shooters who pre-ordered them.  These bullets work!
The new proprietor, George Martin of Bang and Clang Bullets is using the same exact recipes and molds used by Steve Pawlcyn.  Now producing coated bullets as well, shooters around the country are thrilled to be back using a product they know and trust.
See you soon!
Heather / a.k.a. Half-a-Hand Henri
(SASS #9727)
Heather Kresser

Converted to Bang and Clang

I am converted to Bang and Clang they perform wonderful. These will be my New go to Self Defense loads [for a .38 Spl. snub nosed revolver] and at the perfect power level to use the same load for practice (once a week). Settled on 1.540 oal as a good hefty roll crimp can be applied on both Nickel and Brass cases. I can not overstate how happy I am with the 125's@ 7.8gr of HS6 ... most often 4 holes into a quarter size hole@7yds with a flyer out 1" of my own doing. The 158's at same OAL with 6.6gr of HS6 recoil just a bit more than Hornady factory 158xtp ammo and less than the Federal FBI SWC 158 factory load with 9 to 10 rds in a large large single hole with all three loads at the same POI. Will never need to buy factory SD ammo again. I am so happy you introduced me to these Bullets.
Thank you for that.

Barney Hertzog
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