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Buffer Technologies Acquired by R&S Precision Sports
Buffer Technologies is under new ownership. In early 2020 it it was acquired by R&S Precision Sports LLC.

What is a Recoil Buffer™?
Recoil Buffers™ eliminate the slide from directly impacting the frame. This repeated impact batters the frame where the two parts come into contact. Inserting a Recoil Buffer™ between the recoil spring and the slide, stops this battering. Each time the action is worked or the weapon is fired the buffer comes into contact with the frame, not the metal slide. Installation of the Recoil Buffer™ will result in reduced felt recoil, enhanced muzzle control and a longer service life.

Glock Recoil Buffer
Recoil Buffer for Gen3 Glock
Glock Recoil Buffer
Recoil Buffer Installed in Gen3 Glock

Reduces Recoil & Improves Muzzle Stability!
Those who install Recoil Buffers™ into their firearm will not only be protecting their investment by prolonging its service life, but they will also find that the recoil is reduced and muzzle stability is increased. In fact, Recoil Buffers™ can do this for any gun! They work so well that many people believe they should be installed in all guns by their manufacturers. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case. So, until that time comes, make sure your weapon functions as well as it possibly can!

Made from ESTANE® 58130 TPU
Buffer Technologies Recoil Buffers™ are made from ESTANE® 58130 TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). It has broad temperature performance, is fast cycling, is not affected by common firearm cleaners and should last for hundreds and hundreds of rounds. Buffers will need to be replaced eventually, but the reduction of wear and recoil they provide makes them a valuable firearm accessory.

Installation is easy!
In most firearms the Recoil Buffer™ is simply placed against the inside of the slide (or bolt) where the front of the recoil spring normally rests. The Recoil Buffer™ is molded to mate perfectly with the contours of the slide.

Buffer Replacement Schedule
Buffers don't last forever. They get beat up, or simply dry out over time. Either way, they eventually need to be replaced. I plan on replacing them once a year … or sooner on my competition guns that regularly see a high round count. For instance, my .38 Super USPSA Open Class gun gets a new buffer about every 1000 to 1500 rounds.

Note: These products can not be shipped outside the United States in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Glock Gen3 Recoil Buffer featured in photos.
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