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Originally developed for and recommended by eye doctors, Clarity® cleaner formulation receives the highest ratings in independent tests for cleaning effectiveness and 100% safety.

Redesigned lens care ... inside and out. Clarity® Optics Cleaners have been reformulated to make them even more effective! If you liked the performance of Ultra Clarity® Optics Cleaner, you will love the performance of new Clarity® CLEAN It™!

Whether you choose the spray or convenient pre-moistened cloths, Clarity® CLEAN It™ is the BEST formulation for superhydrophobic AR lenses. It instantly wets any lens surface, lifting dirt and skin oils on contact. It's safe for all lenses and coatings, including all anti-reflective and mirror coatings. There is never any haze, residue or streaking.

Clarity® is Ideal For:
Sports Optics, such as Goggles and Face Shields
Rifle Scopes & Spotting Scopes
TV Screens
Displays on Cell Phones, PDA's, MP3 players
CDs & DVDs

All Clarity products are Made in the USA.
Clarity is a registered trademark of Nanofilm.
CLEAN it and DEFOG it are trademarks of Nanofilm.
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