Enhancements for the Dillon SDB Press
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.45 HTC Powder Funnel (SKU: T1740).45 HTC Powder Funnel (SKU: T1740)This Powder Funnel was specially designed for loading .45 caliber cast/coated bullets sized to 0.451″ to 0.452″ OD, that would provide for minimum swaging of the bullet’s base and preventing shaving polymer bullet coatings (e.g. Hi-Tek). [T1740]
.45 HTC-FB Powder Funnel (SKU: T1766).45 HTC-FB Powder Funnel (SKU: T1766)This Powder Funnel was specially designed for loading 180/185gr Flat Base SWC .45 caliber bullets sized to 0.452″ … like the Brazos Bullet Company LB-45-180-SWC-FB-LG-452. [T1766]
2X Powder Hopper Tube (SKU: T1277)2X Powder Hopper Tube (SKU: T1277)The 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ doubles the powder capacity of the Dillon Auto Powder Measure or "Belted Magnum" Powder System.
9mm/.38 HTC Powder Funnel (SKU: T1736)9mm/.38 HTC Powder Funnel (SKU: T1736)This Powder Funnel was specially designed for loading 9mm cast/coated bullets sized to 0.358″ OD, that would provide for minimum swaging of the bullet’s base. Sized for projectiles up to 0.358″ diameter … preventing shaving polymer bullet coatings (e.g. Hi-Tek). (T1736)
Arredondo Powder Drop Slide with Micrometer (SKU: T1267)Arredondo Powder Drop Slide with Micrometer (SKU: T1267)The Arredondo Accessories Powder Drop Slide with our Micrometer Powder Bar Kit preinstalled. For the Dillon Precision auto powder measure. See product page to order the correct version for your press.
Component Recovery Cup (SKU: T1668)Component Recovery Cup (SKU: T1668)Component Recovery Cup™ separates powder from bullet and case when pulling bullets. Powder drains directly back into powder measure hopper for immediate reuse.
Custom Powder Funnel (SKU: T1582)Custom Powder Funnel (SKU: T1582)The Custom Powder Funnel supplied is precision machined from top grade 12L14 Steel and hardened to RC55+ … offering an almost unlimited life time of use. The mirror finish of this part yields minimal friction and a smoother release.

These Custom Powder Funnels work so well, you may want to use them on all your pistol cartridge toolheads … even toolheads that are not set up for a Mr. Bulletfeeder!
Die Wrench for Dillon SDB Press (SKU: T1604)Die Wrench for Dillon SDB Press (SKU: T1604)The best and last die wrench you'll ever need for your Dillon Square Deal B press. Double box end wrench fits 3/4″ and 9/16″.
Dillon Primer Rod with Holder (SKU: T1562)Dillon Primer Rod with Holder (SKU: T1562)Dillon Primer Rod with Holder. The Primer Rod is made from aluminum and weighs 0.52oz to give positive primer feeding. The Primer Rod has lines at 100 primers, 75 primers, 50 primers and 25 primers and is accurate to ±1 primer. Also included is a Primer Rod Holder, so when you load primers into the tube, you have a convenient place to hang the Rod. Fits on Dillon Squared Deal 'B', RL 550, XL 650, XL 750, RL 1050, Super 1050 and RL 1100 presses.
Micrometer Powder Bar Kit (SKU: T1231)Micrometer Powder Bar Kit (SKU: T1231)A micrometer conversion kit for the powder bar of your Dillon Auto Powder Measure.
Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit (SKU: T1751)Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit (SKU: T1751)Replaces the white plastic Powder Bar Spacer Plugs (#13921) on Dillon Powder Measures. Clamps the Spacer solidly in place … so it can't creep back and forth as the powder bar cycles.
4-pk: T1751-S
8-pk: T1752-L
Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter (SKU: T1758)Powder Funnel Cleaning Adapter (SKU: T1758)This tool holds Dillon powder funnels so they can be spun up in an electric drill while cleaning brass residue off the tip … greatly speeding up the cleaning process. Fits into any electric drill with a 3/8″ or larger chuck. (T1759)
Powder Measure Drain-N-Change Tool (SKU: T1347)Powder Measure Drain-N-Change Tool (SKU: T1347)Powder Measure Drain-N-Change™ Tool. Allows users of Dillon reloading presses to drain gunpowder or change powder bars without removing the powder measure from the press or toolhead.
Powder Measure Ground Cord (SKU: T1760)Powder Measure Ground Cord (SKU: T1760)This cord grounds your Dillon Powder Measure to bleed off static charge and prevent ESD. It plugs into any grounded outlet. The 8 foot length is sufficient to reach most wall outlets. Includes 2 Powder Measure Harnesses. (T1760)
Powder Measure Stand Adapter (SKU: T1573)Powder Measure Stand Adapter (SKU: T1573)The Powder Measure Stand Adapter allows you to store your spare Dillon Powder Measure on a RL550/XL650 Toolhead Stand.*
*Dillon Toolhead Stand not included.
Precision Powder Baffle (SKU: T1278)Precision Powder Baffle (SKU: T1278)Pecision Powder Baffle™ upgrade for Dillon powder measures.
Primer System Tag (SKU: T1747)Primer System Tag (SKU: T1747)This Primer System Tag clips onto the primer feed system housing and gives you a 1″ x 3″ area upon which you can write the primer type. Comes bundled with 100 Jewelry Tags to label your Primer Pickup Tubes. (T1747)
Primer Tube Stand (SKU: T1567)Primer Tube Stand (SKU: T1567)The UniqueTek Primer Tube Stand holds up to 12 primer pickup tubes, 6 on each side, in a horizontal position. The Stand has a base that is wide enough to be stable and not easily tipped over. It assembles in just seconds and can easily be dismantled to save bench space when not in use.
Quick-Release Failsafe Rod Nut (SKU: T1753)Quick-Release Failsafe Rod Nut (SKU: T1753)This Quick-Release Failsafe Rod Nut replaces the original Wing Nut on Dillon Powder Measures. (T1753)
SDB Bullet Seat Stem (SKU: T1605)SDB Bullet Seat Stem (SKU: T1605)This custom bullet seat stem contacts SWC bullets at the shoulder, yielding consistent alignment and seating of SWC bullet profiles. Fits only Dillon Square Deal B (SDB) Seat Dies. Available in .45 cal. and .38 cal. (See web page to select the caliber you need.)
SDB Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-SDB)SDB Spent Primer Chute (SKU: T1346-SDB)The SDB Spent Primer Chute™ replaces the blue plastic spent primer cup on the Dillon Square Deal 'B' reloading press. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing into any convenient waste container.
The Bin-Dam (SKU: T1359)The Bin-Dam (SKU: T1359)The Bin-Dam™ fits into the front of the Cartridge Collection Bin for Dillon, LEE and RCBS reloading presses. It keeps rounds from rolling out and onto the floor when the bin gets near full. Allows use of 100% of bin's capacity. Available in three sizes to fit the cartridge collection bins for SDB/550/650 presses, the 1050 press, and for the SL 900 Shotshell Loader.
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