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650 Bearing Indexer Block (SKU: T1705)650 Bearing Indexer Block (SKU: T1705)This Bearing Indexer Block provides smoother operation of the Indexer Ring on Dillon XL 650 presses. It also eliminates wear of and the need to lubricate the Indexer Ring.
Extended 550 Shellplate Bolt (SKU: T1737)Extended 550 Shellplate Bolt (SKU: T1737)An Extended Shellplate Bolt for Dillon RL 550 presses with bearing kits installed.
Shellplate Bearing Kit (SKU: T1601)Shellplate Bearing Kit (SKU: T1601)The 550/650/900 Shellplate Bearing Kit smooths indexing and reduces play and wobble in the shell plate. It also reduces the "snap" when the index ball engages the shellplate … greatly reducing powder loss from cases on the shellplate.
TURBO-BEARING (SKU: T1281)TURBO-BEARING (SKU: T1281)TURBO-BEARING® for Dillon RL 550b will smooth the indexing and reduce the play and wobble in the shell plate.
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