Firearms Maintenance
Firearms Maintenance
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AR-15 Bore Guide (SKU: T1459)AR-15 Bore Guide (SKU: T1459)This AR-15 Bore Guide is machined from solid Delrin® for durability, chemical resistance and to prevent scratching either the rifle or cleaning rod. It has no O-rings that can rot and fall off in the bore or chamber. NEW DESIGN with Side Solvent Port!
AR-15 Upper Receiver Swab (SKU: T1697)AR-15 Upper Receiver Swab (SKU: T1697)This tool is just the ticket for swabing the crud out of an AR15 Rifle Upper Receiver.
Blank/Starter Pistol Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1624)Blank/Starter Pistol Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1624)This Cleaning Kit contains all the items needed to clean Starter Pistols and Blank Pistols. Compact yet complete, it is handy to take with you to sporting events, dog training, etc. (See product page for details of kit contents.)
Bristle Pipe Cleaners (SKU: T1626)Bristle Pipe Cleaners (SKU: T1626)Bristle Pipe Cleaners are handy for cleaning small channels in firearms. The Nylon bristles provide extra scrubbing action. Packaged in a 90 count bag.
Double-Ended Brush (SKU: T1628)Double-Ended Brush (SKU: T1628)This Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush is perfect for cleaning many hard-to-reach areas of your firearms. Packaged 6 per bag.
Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant (SKU: T1247)Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant (SKU: T1247)Dri-Slide®Improved Weapons Lubricant is a versatile penetrating formula of Super Fine grade Moly with rust and corrosion inhibitors. Newly reformulated specifically for the requirements of weapons lubrication.
Drymate® Gun Cleaning Pad (SKU: T1283-P)Drymate® Gun Cleaning Pad (SKU: T1283-P)Drymate® gun cleaning pad. Protects your table and firearms from scratches and spilled cleaning fluids. Available in sizes for Pistols and Rifles.
(See web page to select size.)
Firearms Multi-Media Guide 13th Edition (SKU: T1752-03)Firearms Multi-Media Guide 13th Edition (SKU: T1752-03)Firearms Guide 13th Edition (2022) is the world largest research able firearms, air guns & ammunition reference guide, gun value guide and gun schematics, blueprints & manuals library. Available Online or as a Online/Flash Drive Combo. (See product page for details and to order.) [T1752-03]
Heated Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner (SKU: T1357-6)Heated Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner (SKU: T1357-6)Heated Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner with 6 Liter (1.58 Gallon) tank capacity and 180 Watts of Ultrasonic Power.
Magazine Vise Block (SKU: T1707)Magazine Vise Block (SKU: T1707)This Magazine Vise Block holds your firearm in an upright position for cleaning and gun-smithing tasks. Fits into any bench vise and supports most single-stack 22LR pistols. See web page for fit list.
Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths (SKU: T1377)Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths (SKU: T1377)Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths are uniquely textured and designed specially for cleaning guns.
Multi-Function Gun Cleaning Brush (SKU: T1286)Multi-Function Gun Cleaning Brush (SKU: T1286)Multi-Function Gun Cleaning Brush cleans double-stack magazine tubes, AR upper receivers and 12GA shotgun chambers.
O. S. T. Carbon Scraper (SKU: T1768)O. S. T. Carbon Scraper (SKU: T1768)The O.S.T. Carbon Scraper is a compact carbon scraping cleaning tool for AR Rifles. It scrapes carbon buildup from the back of the bolt, inside the bolt carrier, between locking lugs and around the firing pin.
Slip 2000 Gun Lube (SKU: T1625)Slip 2000 Gun Lube (SKU: T1625)Slip 2000 synthetic gun lubricant provides benefits of a Cleaner, Lubricant, and a Preservative (CLP). Pack of 6 4ml Tubes.
SliX-Scraper (SKU: T1713)SliX-Scraper (SKU: T1713)This tool safely removes carbon and lead that collects in the chambers and cylinder throats of .357 Mag, .44 Mag and .45 Colt revolvers and rifles. Removes the "ridge" from chambers after using shorter of "Special" cartridges.
Squib Rod / Multi-Tool (SKU: T1287)Squib Rod / Multi-Tool (SKU: T1287)The Arredondo Accessories Squib Rod/Multi-Tool is an essential item for your range bag. Also serves as a battery cap remover, windage adjustment tool and magazine base pad remover.
Tool & Die Makers Kit (SKU: T1724)Tool & Die Makers Kit (SKU: T1724)Professional miniature demurring and scraping tools for providing a quality finish on small metal parts. Included six unique tools packaged in an attractive leather case. Perfect for gunsmithing!
UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner (SKU: T1254)UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner (SKU: T1254)UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ is a highly efficient solvent-based cleaner for all firearms. Being virtually odorless and nontoxic, it is safe to use indoors where ventilation may be poor. Since it contains no aromatic solvents it won't swell rubber or plastics. (See product web page to select bottle size.)
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