How To Use a Target Stand
Setting up a Target Stand
If you've never used a target stand, don't worry. It is a simple matter to assemble a target to work with them.

What you'll need:
  • Furring Strips
  • Cardboard Target (or just scrap corrugated cardboard)
  • Staple gun (with 1/4" staples)
  • Hand Saw
Furring strips are easy to find at any home improvement store or lumber yard. Get one 8-foot furring strip for each target stand. Cut it in half so you'll have two 4-foot lengths. Insert each half of the furring strip into one of the two sockets on the target stand.

Target stands are typically used with standard 18" width USPSA/IPSC/IDPA/NRA D-1 cardboard targets. But paper "practice target" versions of them are readily available and are about half the cost. The cardboard targets are stapled directly to the furring strips. To use paper "practice targets", you first staple scrap corrugated cardboard from grocery store boxes between the furring strips, then staple or tape the paper target to the cardboard. This also allows you to mount any of the wide variety of other paper targets including bullseye targets.

Below is a list of web sites that sell cardboard and paper targets at the bottom of this page. It is not a complete list but contains many of the web sites that you probably already know and/or purchase from.

Target Barn
Dillon Precision
Alco Target
National Target
Midway USA
MGM Targets
Targets Online
LE Targets

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