Miscellaneous Unique Products
Miscellaneous Unique Products
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Click-Box Storage Case (SKU: T1755-1)Click-Box Storage Case (SKU: T1755-1)Click-Box can be used to contain all manner of items including certain compact and subcompact pistols.
External: 20cm x 13cm x 4cm (7.8″ x 5.1″ x 1.5″)
Internal: 18.7cm x 11.3cm x 3.7cm (7.3″ x 4.4″ x 1.4″)
Each: T1755-1
3-pk: T1755-3
Haboob Dust (SKU: T1654)Haboob Dust (SKU: T1654)Haboob Dust Creative Seasonings. Dry Rub spice blends that add unique flavors to foods.
(See web page for available flavors and to order.)
NanoLITE (SKU: T1762)NanoLITE (SKU: T1762)The NanoLITE ™ is a Stick-up, Go-anywhere Tiny LED Light.
Ultra-Hanger - 4-Pack (SKU: T1433-4)Ultra-Hanger - 4-Pack (SKU: T1433-4)The Ultra-Hanger™ is perfect for hanging your heavy tactical, hunting, camping and scuba gear. Rated for over 100lb, so it won't break, dumping all your valuable gear on the floor! Sold in 4-Packs. (See product page for details.)
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