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UniqueTek, Inc. Launches Sales of Stinger™ Monopod for Whidden Gunworks

Gilbert, AZ – July 14, 2008 – UniqueTek, Inc. has been selected by Whidden Gunworks to launch sales of its new Stinger™ Monopod.

The Stinger™ Monopod is a rear-mounted, retractable monopod for AR-15, AR-10 and Accuracy International stocks. The primary advantage of the Stinger™ Monopod is that it is completely self-contained and eliminates the need for carrying a sandbag to stabilize and support the butt end of the rifle stock.

The Stinger™ Monopod simply replaces the buttplate on AR-15 and AR-10 rifles (A1 and A2 variants). The Stinger™ Monopod for Accuracy International stocks replaces two of the spacers used to adjust the length of pull.

"The Stinger™ Monopod provides the same stability for the back of the rifle that the bipod has made standard for the front," says John Whidden, nationally recognized long range shooting champion and owner of Whidden Gunworks. "It is a drop-in custom part that will give every shooter a convenient, adjustable and stable shooting platform — anywhere."

The Stinger™p Monopod provides a seamlessly integrated, infinitely adjustable, and incredibly stable monopod that is always attached and ready to deploy with a single-handed operation. It brings added precision to any shooter's rifle, including tactical competitors, varmint hunters, law enforcement officers and everyone interested in maximum accuracy.

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