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UniqueTek, Inc. Celebrates Five Years in Business

Gilbert, AZ – January 12, 2009 – UniqueTek, Inc. celebrates the completion of its fifth year in business.

UniqueTek launched its business in late 2003 to market its Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™, an enhancement for the powder bar adjustment screw on the Dillon Precision powder measure. Since then, we have added many new press enhancement products as well as products for many other aspects of shooting and reloading.

"We showed up in the vendor tent at our first shooting match with just the Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ and a handful of other products." says Ron Linder, UniqueTek CEO, "Now we have seven press enhancement products plus forty-nine additional products."

UniqueTek now has twelve product categories including AR-15 Tools & Accessories, Firearm Cleaners, Lubes & Tools, Optics Cleaners & Anti-Fog, Shooting/Training Aids & Safety Equipment, and Cowboy Action Shooting Products, to name a few.

UniqueTek has also added to its library of "Tips" files that contain handy information for reloading and shooting. There are currently five "Tips" files and more planned for released in 2009. The "Tips" files are free to download.

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About UniqueTek, Inc.

UniqueTek, Inc. is a company offering unique products for shooting sports and reloading. UniqueTek is best know for its Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ and other enhancements for Dillon Precision reloading presses. New products are constantly being researched and several will be announced soon.

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